Wisconsin Pedestrian Laws

Wisconsin Pedestrian Laws

Walking is an essential part of most people’s lives. Something we do without much thought beyond I am here and need to get there. You travel to work by car (or even bike). Planes and trains take us on vacation. We pull our kids in tubes and on skis behind boats. But, did you ever consider that everyone is a pedestrian at some point during each of these activities? We have to walk from our house to the bus stop, and from the parking lot to our office building or waiting boat. How many of you like to walk, and possibly include your dog, for exercise? You’re a pedestrian, and can be vulnerable to injury.

According to Wisconsin law, a “pedestrian” is “any person afoot or any person in a wheelchair, either manually or mechanically propelled, or other low-powered, mechanically propelled vehicle designed specifically for use by a physically disabled person.” The State of Wisconsin estimates that 60 pedestrians are killed each year, with another 1,600 being injured. Who’s most vulnerable? Children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old, and adults over 75 years old have been found to be the most vulnerable pedestrians. In fact, according to the Wisconsin DOT, the leading cause of death and injury to children is being struck by a car, and the greatest risk is in their own neighborhood!

Here are some simple, yet effective, safety measures that pedestrians can take: Dress for the season and the weather, and carry lights and/or wear reflective clothing when walking at night; Walk on the sidewalks, not the streets. If on a rural road with no sidewalk, it is recommended that you walk FACING oncoming traffic, on the same side of the road as the oncoming traffic. Walk as far to the side of the road as possible; Cross streets at designated crosswalks and corners, not mid-street. Do not “dart out” between parked cars. Obey crossing signs, look both ways for traffic, walk (don’t run) and continue to look for cars.; Make eye contact with other roadway users. That way, you can see them, and you know they have seen you; When walking with a young child, hold hands to avoid the child making a sudden move to run around or dart into the road; Go over the rules of crossing with your child many times. Make sure to cover crossing when they are riding a bicycle. Teach your children to get off the bike and walk their bike across a street at the proper crosswalk; Use a buddy system when your child is walking. More than one child who knows the rules will help keep all walkers safe.

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