Car Accidents Hit 89-Year Low in Minnesota

According to statistics provided by the Office of Traffic Safety Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, traffic fatalities hit an 89-year low in 2014. In fact, Minnesota now has one of the lowest rates of motor vehicle fatalities across the country, which is welcome news for a state that had a near epidemic rate of fatal crashes on a few decades ago.

Minnesota ranks third in the nation for lowest vehicle fatality rates at .63 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, right behind Massachusetts and Washington D.C. By contrast, the average national rate is 1.09 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

While the downtrend is truly a positive sign, analysis of the statistics show many of these fatal crashes could have been prevented if drivers had exercised more caution and consideration for those they share the road with. When accidents happen because another driver was careless, the law gives victims legal recourse to seek relief for their damages.

Minnesota car accident statistics

In 2014, 361 people tragically lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. Of that number, 278 were motorists, 46 were motorcyclists, 17 were pedestrians, 5 were bicyclists, 7 were ATV riders, 1 was a farm equipment occupant, 4 were snowmobile riders, 1 was a commercial bus occupant, and 2 were in unknown vehicle types.

An overwhelming majority of the 361 people killed in motor vehicle accidents lost their lives because of negligence. This includes circumstances like:

  • Drunk driving – 88 victims
  • Speeding – 94 victims
  • Distracted driving – 61 victims

Another 892 people were severely injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2014, the latest year with available data. Another 5,302 were moderately injured during the same year. Both of these numbers are trending down but there is still much work to do to prevent these types of accidents.

Why do vehicle crashes happen in Minnesota?

According to analysis by the Office of Traffic Safety, speed and distracted driving played a major role in most crashes. Rural highways saw almost three-quarters of accidents and overall most accidents took place during morning and evening rush hour. Only 18 percent of fatal accidents occurred on icy or snowy roads, and over half were in good driving conditions.

Minnesota car accident lawyers

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