The Wide Range of Personal Injury Claims

Many view personal injury claims as simple and straightforward. They may not fully recognize the wide variety of personal injury cases that can occur, who the responsible parties may include, and the importance of hiring the right personal injury lawyer. Before you consider the next step in choosing a Minneota, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer, consider the following factors.

Personal Injury Claims Can be Far-Reaching

Personal injury claims can involve far more than just auto accidents or a slip and fall. They can include an accident at work, in a store, a product-related injury, an assault, or even an injury on a neighbors property. While some may be reluctant against filing a claim against an individual, it is important to note that the majority of claims are filed against insurance companies, not store or property owners.

Finding Responsible Parties

A personal injury claim may involve more than one responsible party and an experienced personal injury lawyer like Amery Law will understand this. Let’s take an example of a pedestrian who gets injured while crossing a road in a crosswalk. Initially, it may appear the driver is at fault, but in what condition were the car’s brakes or tires? Was the crosswalk clearly marked or lit? Was the speed limit too high for the area or the traffic signals not timed properly. In this one seemingly simple example, potentially responsible parties could include the driver, automobile repair shop, parts or tire manufacturer, or city or state responsible for maintaining the intersection. At Amery Law, we look at all potentially responsible parties to maximize your potential for justice.

Experience Counts

If you’ve experienced an injury because of the potential negligence of someone else, it can change your life forever. Even what may initially seem like simple soreness or stiffness in the back or neck following an injury can lead to months or years of treatment and degradation of the quality of your life. Amery Law understands the importance of getting health and legal assistance as soon as possible. Assessing your injuries and the potential of a viable personal injury claim is critical.

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Amery Law has established a tradition of integrity, professionalism, and strong client relationships. We are a client-driven law firm that focuses our strategies on the needs of our clients. When you contact Amery Law, you’ll get a personal injury lawyer to provide honest, no-nonsense advice about your legal matter so that you may make informed decisions. Contact us today.

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