The Benefits Of Legal Help During the Social Security Benefits Application Process

According to the Minnesota Disability Center, nearly 50 percent of Social Security Disability applicants will be denied. Can legal representation help you be one of the cases that are approved? It can. This blog discusses the benefits of legal representation during your SSI disability application and review.

The Two Ways to Apply for Disability in Minnesota

  1. Apply in Person – Call and go to your local Social Security Administration office and receive the paperwork and application, or you can visit them online and fill out the paperwork there.
  2. Apply with the help of a Disability Lawyer – It is the same application regardless of how you apply, but legal help means that those tricky questions can be better answered, and you may save a great deal of time and get better results. A disability attorney has experience in helping others through the disability process.

The Benefits of Using a Legal Expert for Disability Applications

The Long Wait – It can take over a year to just receive a disability hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. On top of that long wait, there is another period where you have to wait to see if you are awarded or denied SSI benefits. Should you use our lawyers, you may have a better chance of being successful than undergoing the process yourself. If you are denied, you can request a review, but that is another long wait. It can more than two years of waiting and then there is no guarantee that you will win your case. That means any social security benefits are years off. Legal help from those who have been through the process is a big benefit.

The Fail Rate

Most Disability Benefit applications are denied in the application stage. The forms are either not filled out correctly, or incomplete, or the answers given do not meet the definition of disabled, even if you are disabled due to personal injury.

Your Case is Unique

Disability is not something that is 100 percent cut and dry. Your case is unique and how you present your case is important. Your injuries may be similar to other injuries, but your body and how it reacts are not. Getting that point across in a clear way is critical. 

By seeking the help of an experienced attorney who has an understanding of the disability process, you have a much stronger chance of expressing your unique situation and how your injury or illness creates a disability.

It does not take much for the SSA to deny a disability application. Every denial means another long wait. This is why working with an attorney is beneficial. It can save a lot of time and endless frustration on your part.

Contact NGSW&B For More Information About Disability Benefits

Learn more about the process of successfully filing for disability benefits in Minnesota by reaching out to our team at NGSW&B. We are experienced in the social security process and can help you whether you are a new applicant or your submission to the Social Security Administration was denied.

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