Slip and Fall Injuries in Minnesota

Far too many people do not take slips and falls seriously. Statistics, however, paint a vivid picture of just how serious these slip and fall injuries in Minnesota can be.

  • They are the major reason for emergency room visits each year, resulting in about 8 million visits annually.
  • About 5% of slip and falls result in some sort of bone fracture.
  • One in three people over the age of 65 experience a slip and fall.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 22% of slip/fall accidents result in more than 31 days away from work.

Not Simple Accidents

Slip and fall accidents impact families emotionally, physically, and financially and can do so for years. Slip and falls are frequently not simple accidents. They can be traced to negligence, poor signage, lack of proper safety equipment like railings, or poor markings. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that about two million slip and fall incidents are the results of flooring or flooring materials alone. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, one of the key elements is to determine who is at fault in that incident. However, this is not always as straightforward as it may seem.

A slip on a wet spot on a floor, for example, maybe partially due to a slow or inefficient response to that water. It may be due to a poorly repaired water pipe or substandard roofing. The surface may be already too slick for a high-traffic area.

Attorney on Your Side

This is why having an experienced injury and slip and fall attorney on your side like Amery Law is so critical. In many cases, Amery Law can discover multiple responsible parties, increasing your odds for a financial judgment in your favor.

What should you do in a slip and fall?

  1. Get pictures of the area involved as quickly as possible.
  2. Get witness statements and names of those who may have witnessed the fall.
  3. Seek medical attention.
  4. Save the clothing and shoes you were wearing at the time.
  5. Contact Amery Law.

Lifelong Ramifications

Injuries sustained in a slip and fall can be painful and long-lasting. In many cases, they can impact the back and neck, causing lifelong ramifications. Some of these symptoms may not show up immediately. That is why a visit to a doctor is recommended even if you don’t experience immediate severe pain. In many cases, soreness can be an indication of more severe injuries.

Don’t wait. If you’ve experienced a slip and fall contact the team at Amery Law, today. Call toll-free, (888)-596-6049.

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