Paralyzed Man Files Lawsuit Against Airmaxx Trampoline Park

A man who became paralyzed while visiting a St. Cloud trampoline park recently filed a Minnesota personal injury lawsuit against the facility for the child’s injuries. The 39-year-old victim broke his neck after jumping from a trampoline into a foam pit, the lawsuit alleges.

The tragic accident was captured on a cell phone video, showing the man flipping from the trampoline and striking the bottom of the foam pit, breaking his neck and causing a catastrophic spinal cord injury. The victim’s suit contends Airmaxx Trampoline Park did not implement necessary safety measures to protect him and other park visitors from injury.

According to the man’s attorney, the park had knowledge of prior injuries suffered by individuals hitting the bottom of the foam pit but was grossly negligent by failing to properly supervise parkgoers. The defendant’s attorneys contend the victim has no legal grounds to sue as he signed a waiver of liability prior to partaking in the activity.

However, the plaintiff maintains he only signed such a waiver for his son and not himself, potentially opening the door for the suit to be heard by a jury. The victim’s attorneys hope the tragic accident will spur change in the industry as there are currently few, if any, state regulations and no federal regulations related to trampoline parks.

Minnesota premises liability lawsuits

Property owners owe visitors a legal duty to keep their premises in a safe condition and make any necessary repairs or upgrades to prevent foreseeable injuries. This may include ensuring they comply with state and federal regulations on emergency exits, fire safety equipment, or other laws on the matter.

However, property owners and managers must also enact other safety protocols not specifically mentioned in the laws. Examples can include installing adequate lighting or hiring security guards in known high crime areas, particularly if they are aware of crime taking place on their property.

Examples of premises liability injuries:

  • Slip and falls due to icy, slippery, or unrepair walkways and stairs;
  • Assaults on property due to inadequate security;
  • Failing degrees from building in disrepair; and
  • Failure to properly supervise visitors engaging in activities on the properly, i.e. swimming pools, amusement parks, sports complexes, etc.

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