Minnesota Is a No-Fault State: What This Means

In Minnesota, traffic accidents are handled under “No-Fault”. This means that if you are the driver in your car and are involved in a car accident, you would file with your own insurance company regardless if you are the driver at fault or not. That policy not only applies to any damage to your vehicle, but it also applies to personal injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The legal way of handling automobile accidents in Minnesota may seem confusing, but it is to help balance the risk of driving.

Does Your Vehicle Fall under MN Law?

Minnesota has strict laws that outline how much insurance you must carry when you drive a vehicle and that also includes medical coverage. 

Those regulations apply if:

  1. Your vehicle is licensed by the State of Minnesota
  2. Your address or storage place for your vehicle is in Minnesota.

What that means is that if you live near the border of MN and you work in another state, chances are that the MN regulations will apply to your vehicle. The state takes No-Fault insurance very seriously. Even if your vehicle is licensed in another state, and it is primarily parked in MN it is regulated by MN law.

Personal Injury and No-Fault Insurance in MN

Under the No-Fault system in MN there are two types of faults:

  1. No-Fault – Handled through your insurance coverage until your insurance maxes out. Payouts under No-Fault include medical bills, loss of income, and certain types of rehabilitation such as help with activities of daily living.
  2. At Fault – Available if the fault of the accident was not yours. It is an extension of No-Fault and covers injuries that are long-term or permanent. It also means that the other party is responsible – at fault – for the cause of your injuries, pain, suffering, and disability.

It seems odd that there is an At-Fault classification under the No-Fault regulations. Both impact how personal injuries are handled by state law. They also limit how you can approach a personal injury in Minnesota.

According to AAA, 54+ million people will take to the roads over the holidays in 2022. More people on the road means more opportunities for increased traffic accidents. What do you do if you are in a vehicle accident in Minnesota? Contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accidents. 

While the No-Fault law in MN is designed to streamline the legal process it can also be confusing. A capable and experienced car accident lawyer will help you understand your rights and legal options for collecting damages resulting from a No-Fault or At-Fault auto accident.

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