Here’s What Not To Do While on Workers’ Comp

If you’ve filed for workers’ comp after a work-related injury, you should be careful what you say and do. Your employer may be looking for any wrong moves on your part to stop providing benefits or even deny the validity of your claim. 

Knowing what not to do while on workers’ comp can help you protect your compensation and promote a faster recovery. For personalized assistance with your claim, consult Minnesota’s experienced workplace accident attorneys today. 

Downplay Your Injuries

Many injured employees feel tempted to downplay their injuries for the sake of their coworkers or manager. You may not want your injuries to seem like a big deal because you are embarrassed or don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Or you may think that because your injuries were technically your fault, you should deal with them quietly.

Whatever the case, avoid downplaying your injuries. Doing so could tell the workers’ compensation insurance company that you don’t need much money or time off. 

Overexert Yourself 

You must follow your doctor’s instructions while recovering from a work-related injury. Your employer is only responsible for injuries that happened while you were at work or performing your job duties. Overexerting yourself during your recovery could lead to further injuries that your workers’ comp benefits will no longer cover. 

Overexertion may look like:

  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Walking for too long
  • Standing for extended periods

Instead, take it easy during your recovery and only do activities that your doctor approves.

Skip Doctor’s Appointments

On the same note, avoid missing or skipping any medical appointment related to your injuries. Your workers’ comp benefits hinge on you following your doctor’s orders and sticking to your medical treatment plan. Failing to follow these orders could lead to denied claims or reduce your compensation. 

Avoid rescheduling appointments unless a true emergency happens. If you can’t avoid rescheduling, make the new appointment as soon as possible. 

Overshare on Social Media

Another part of what not to do while on workers’ comp is overshare on social media. Sharing too much about your injuries or any activities you’re completing could compromise your claim. You risk accidentally giving information that leads the investigators to question the legitimacy of your claim. 

For example, making an innocuous statement about how you’re “feeling good” or “on the road to recovery” could negatively impact your case. Investigators may translate these statements to mean you don’t need any more time off or compensation.

Settle Without a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Workplace safety is a serious issue in many companies. If your injury happened due to an OSHA violation or another severe hazard, you may be able to hold your employer directly liable, potentially increasing your compensation. Working with an experienced workers’ comp attorney to approach the compensation process strategically can help you maximize your payout. 

At Novitzke, Gust, Sempf, Whitley & Bergmanis, we help injured employees fight for their rights to compensation. Now that you know what not to do while on workers’ comp, contact us today at 715-268-6130 for a free consultation, then learn how long to sue for work-related injuries

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