Family Of Minneapolis Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a Minneapolis woman who died after jumping out of a moving car recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the nightclub they say over served the victim the night she passed away. According to the lawsuit, the victim’s intoxication was caused by the night club violating Minnesota’s liquor liability laws and, as such, the night club should ultimately be held responsible for her untimely wrongful death.

In August 2016, the victim was in the VIP section of Aqua Nightclub located in downtown Minneapolis where she was allegedly served a steady stream of alcohol from 11pm until 2 am, when she left the establishment. The plaintiffs’ attorney claims by the time the victim left the club she was intoxicated and disoriented.

After leaving the club, the victim got into a car with a friend and jumped out of the vehicle through the window while near the Dowling Avenue exit on Interstate 94. Emergency personnel transported the victim to North Memorial Medical Center where she eventually succumbed to her injuries.

The victim’s mother, father, and eight siblings all filed suit against the nightclub seeking compensation for their injuries. The suit claims the defendant’s drunkenness was the result of the club’s violation of state liquor liability laws.

Minnesota liquor liability laws

Minnesota is one of many states that hold bars, restaurants, and clubs responsible for over serving drunk patrons. Known as dram shop laws, these statutes make it illegal to over serve guests or to provide alcohol to minors. When someone is hurt or killed because a business violates these laws, victims and their families have legal recourse to hold these wrongdoers responsible.

It is important to know the intoxicated person cannot file suit on their own behalf. Minnesota dram shop laws only allow the families of victims harmed by an intoxicated individual. Dram shop liability lawsuits do not have to be limited to automobile accidents, and can include assaults, battery, boating accidents, and property damage.

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