What counts as a personal injury?

A personal injury occurs when someone is hurt either physically or mentally through the actions of another person. The injury may be accidental or deliberate. Some fatalities are also personal injuries. A personal injury attorney can help you determine if the circumstances that caused an injury is a personal injury or not.

In Minnesota, personal injuries fall under personal injury law or Tort laws. The circumstances that define a personal injury can change from one state to the next.

Examples of Personal Injuries in Woodbury, Minnesota

Premises Liability – are common. One example is a slip and fall injury in a supermarket. Another might be an unlocked gate to a swimming pool where someone is injured and should not have access to that area.

Workplace Injuries – happen every single day. An example of a workplace accident can be a physical accident such as a broken bone from tripping, a psychological injury from an angry boss, or even sexual harassment.

Car Accidents – can be a physical or emotional injury. PTSD can occur due to motor vehicle accidents. Neck, back, and leg injuries are common in car accidents.

Product Liabilities – When products cause injuries due to poor manufacturing or designs, they can cause personal injuries. A chair that collapses, a deep fryer that doesn’t turn off, glass in food are all examples of injuries that can occur when products fail.

Medical injuries – are also personal injuries. Operating on the wrong leg, Chipping a tooth while getting a root canal, an implanted device that fails, and so many other examples are all injuries caused by medical accidents.

What Personal Injury Lawyer Does for You

A personal injury lawyer will often protect you from further harm, especially from outside pressure to settle a case or sign papers that release an insurance company from liability.

They can also help you remain safe from domestic abuse, verbal abuse at work, or the causes of psychological trauma.

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