The Basics of Defective Product Claims

Every product on the market today is required to be safe for its intended use. However, while manufacturers and product designers often do not purposefully create a dangerous or harmful product, it certainly happens occasionally. When a product causes an injury, you might have a defective product claim.

Types of Defective Product Claims

There are three general types of defective product claims.

  1. Manufacturing Defects.

A manufacturing defect occurs when something goes wrong in the manufacturing process. This product is somehow unlike all of the other products on the line. Perhaps it is missing a safety piece or is more prone to break because a portion is not connected to the rest of the product correctly.

Manufacturing defects are generally the most common reason that product defect claims arise.

  1. Design Defects.

In a design defect case, the product is dangerous even when manufactured correctly. There is some flaw in the design that makes it more dangerous than it needed to be. Maybe it could have had some additional safety features or some part of the product is more dangerous because of how it must be serviced.

In these cases, an entire line of products is challenged, rather than just one individual product. These cases sometimes involve huge class-action lawsuits because they can affect a significant number of people, such as in defective drug cases or defective medical device claims.

  1. Defective Warnings or Instructions.

Manufacturers and product designers are also required to warn end-users about safety concerns. You have likely seen warning labels on products you use every day, like hairdryers and power tools. Products must have warnings when they have an increased risk of injury when used or predictably misused.

Proving Your Product Defect Case

Product defect claims are complicated. Often they require trained experts to explain why the product is dangerous and how it caused your injuries. It might also include several defendants, such as both the manufacturer and designer. They might also bring in the company that sold the product as well.

In some cases, the simple fact that a manufacturer sold you a defective product can be enough to show that you should recover money damages for your injuries and losses.

Learn more about product liability cases in Minnesota and Wisconsin by contacting our team. We can walk through the facts of your situation with you to determine whether you have a viable legal claim.


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