4 Things To Know About Slip And Fall Injuries This Winter

What are Slip and Fall Injuries?  It seems obvious, but the truth is they can be tricky to define. In Minnesota, a slip and fall injury is one that happens on private or public property and is the result of someone’s negligence – either due to poor maintenance or unsafe conditions. Here is what you […]

Minnesota Is a No-Fault State: What This Means

In Minnesota, traffic accidents are handled under “No-Fault”. This means that if you are the driver in your car and are involved in a car accident, you would file with your own insurance company regardless if you are the driver at fault or not. That policy not only applies to any damage to your vehicle, […]

7 Things to Know If Injured on Public or Government Property

Can you sue the state or federal government for personal injury? In today’s modern world you can sue the state or federal government for personal injury.  The process varies from one state to the next as modern statutes decrease the power of Sovereign Immunity and replace it with a structured pathway for the public to […]

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