7 Things to Know If Injured on Public or Government Property

Can you sue the state or federal government for personal injury? In today’s modern world you can sue the state or federal government for personal injury

The process varies from one state to the next as modern statutes decrease the power of Sovereign Immunity and replace it with a structured pathway for the public to seek damages and claims against a state government. For the federal government, the Tort Claims Act allows the public to also sue the federal government for damages and injuries.

The process of suing a governmental agency or body is different from similar cases heard in civil court. You will need a personal injury attorney that has experience with tort laws and federal court personal injury cases.

Here Are 7 Things To Know About An Injury On Public Or Government Property In Minnesota

  1. The timeline to file a claim that occurs on public or governmental property is different from personal injury claims that occur on private property.
  2. The process is referred to as a Tort Claim. It is part of the Federal Tort Claims Act that allows the public to sue the government when an injury occurs that is caused by a federal employee acting on behalf of the government. There is also a state version too, under the Minnesota Statutes Section 3.736.
  3. Few states are longer untouchable under the Sovereign immunity clause, which is diminished under statutes passed by each state. Minnesota has statute section 3.736. This means there is a way to receive compensation for certain types of injuries under certain conditions. Learn more about your potential case by giving us a call. We are here to answer your questions, so you have the best information to make your decision about your personal injury case.
  4. A personal injury resulting from an automobile accident caused by a state employee or a state vehicle is a valid claim in MN.
  5. Slip and Fall injuries in a state or federal government building are also valid for personal injury claims against the state or federal government.
  6. Slip and Fall injuries due to ice or snow on sidewalks, walkways, and stairs are each a valid form of personal injury that fall under personal injury against a governmental entity.
  7. Wrongful death where negligence by a state or federal employee is also a valid form of personal injury. In this case, the next of kin would file on behalf of the victim or their children.

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The biggest obstacle here are the accelerated deadlines for filing and the complexity of the forms involved.

 If you have been injured through the negligence of a government (state or federal) in Minnesota, then reach out to our experienced lawyers. We can help you to determine whether you have a case and can help you navigate the legal process. We’ve represented clients who were injured on both public and government property.

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