6 Possible Examples Of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when someone dies as the result of someone else’s actions – such as neglect, violence, or carelessness. The following list includes the possible actions that can lead to wrongful death.

Neglect – harm caused by someone else’s action

  1. Drowning – A parent or caregiver who does not pay attention to young children while swimming could be an example of wrongful death. According to The Children’s Safety Network, 900 children drown yearly in the US. [1] A toddler who falls into a swimming pool and drowns could be a case of neglect. The death of that child may have been preventable. In this example, the blame may be 100 percent on a parent or guardian, or it may be shared with a property owner who did not install a fence to prevent unintentional usage of the pool.
  2. Elder Abuse – A caregiver, spouse, or adult child who does not provide care for an elderly person who dies because they did not receive the necessary care. Frail people who require care to meet their daily needs can be victims of neglect. Malnutrition, falls, physical abuse, environmental dangers such as heat or cold, and other forms of neglect can cause death. The person responsible may be a nursing home, a relative, or an in-home caregiver or company.

These are two examples that help to define the breadth of neglect as a cause of death.

Death from Violence

  1. Murder – Killing someone intentionally is an example of wrongful death. The person did not die due to natural causes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 26,031 murders occur annually in the US. [2]
  2. Fighting – Hitting someone and fighting can lead to death and wrongful death. In some fighting situations, a person may use “self-defense” in a trial. If the person charged with wrongful death can prove that they were fighting out of “self-defense”, it’s possible that they will not be found guilty. However, if a person initiates a fight and someone dies, they may be guilty of wrongful death.

Death from Carelessness

  1. Death from Vehicle Accidents – According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 42,915 were killed in vehicle accidents in 2021. [3] The list of causes includes DUI, speeding, road rage, racing on public highways, distracted driving, and others. When you drive a car and are in a traffic accident and someone dies, you may be subject to a wrongful death lawsuit. 
  2. Practical Jokes – Unfortunately, playing a joke on someone can yield unintentional, but horrible results. An example may be pretending to push someone, but the person actually trips and falls down the stairs. This could potentially be a form of wrongful death. Even though you did not mean to kill that person, their death was related to the prank you initiated.

These six examples of wrongful death are not uncommon. When someone dies under wrongful death circumstances the person who caused the death can be held responsible in court as a perpetrator of personal injury. The family of the deceased may seek financial damages under Minnesota law and the person who caused the death will have to go to court.

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Wrongful Death

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