5 Distracted Driving Behaviors You May Not Have Considered

Distracted drivers are dangerous to themselves, their passengers, and the public on and off of the roads. In 2020, 3,142 casualties occurred on US highways, each caused by a distracted driver, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition to the deaths that distracted drivers cause, there is a long list of injuries too. Sadly, the data regarding the impact of distracted drivers is likely a much larger problem due to under-reported injuries caused by distracted driving. This blog highlights five forms of distracted driving and the personal injury or deaths they could potentially cause.

1. Emotional Driving

We’ve all heard of road rage, but other emotions impact our ability to drive too. Sadness and crying are two examples of emotions that can cause us to become distracted while operating a motor vehicle. Anger and agitation are two other types of emotional driving that can also be dangerous. 

2. Rocking Out

Being overly engaged with music while driving can cause distracted driving. If you feel yourself getting too into the groove, then turn down the music and focus on driving. A great song is no reason to cause injury.

3. Pets and Driving

Taking your pets, especially dogs and cats in the car with you is sometimes essential. Try to keep them in a carrier while driving them. They can cause an accident if left loose in the cab of the vehicle. Never allow your pet to ride on your lap while you are driving. In an accident, airbags can kill pets if they are on your lap and if they are unrestrained the impact of a crash can kill your pet or cause them serious injury. Pets that are unrestrained can also cause severe injury to the driver and passengers in the vehicle.

4. Kids and Driving

Kids that are loud or overly excited are a distraction to drivers. Throwing objects, yelling, screaming, and crying are behaviors that can cause a driver to wreck the vehicle. Make sure kids are properly restrained according to their age – car seats and seatbelts) and that they understand what being a respectful passenger is.

5. The Urge to Go

Needing to use the bathroom is understandably an anxious situation, especially while driving a car. Looking for a restroom while holding it in is another situation that causes distracted driving. After all, you are hurrying to find a location with a restroom, and you are likely not paying full attention to driving.

Contact NGSW&B If You Were Injured By A Distracted Driver

Distracted drivers harm not only themselves but also their passengers and innocent people in other cars and off the road. These injuries are deemed personal injuries and St. Paul and the surrounding communities have strict driving laws that aim to prevent distracted driving. If you have an injury related to distracted driving discuss your case with our legal team at NGSW&B. We work with you so that you understand your rights. Contact us for an initial consultation to see how we can help you!

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